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Q: Do amcube pressure plates support Mac?

A:   NO, our pressure plates are designed for Windows OS. However we have 100’s of clients who use a ‘parallel’ or ‘virtual’ OS on their Mac’s, such as Parallels or Bootcamp which partition your Mac’s hard drive to allow a Windows based product to be run.

AmCube DOES NOT SUPPORT Parallels or Bootcamp, however will try and assist where possible.


Q: Do amcube pressure plates need to be re-calibrated?

A:   NO, our pressure plates do not need to be recalibrated because capacitive sensors are more accurate and robust over their life span than resistive sensors and therefore regular and expensive re-calibration is not necessary.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes, we can arrange to ship our plates internationally.


Q: How should I look after my pressure plate?

A:  DO NOT submerge in water or use wet cloths or sponges on our pressure plates. Alcohol free cleansing wipes should be used. Place against the wall when not in use. If unable to do this, then disconnect the lead and cover with a protective layer (to prevent high heel damage).


Q: Do I need to update the software for my pressure plate reguarly?

A:  It is always advisable to keep your software updated to remove any conflict that Windows updates create.

An update and support contract will always ensure that your software is up to date and that support is there when you need it.

If you are moving to a new PC or updating your operating system, please check with us that your software is supported.


Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A:  All sensors have a 5 year warranty. All our plates have a two year warranty. We are proud of the reliability of our capacitive sensors and therefore we can afford to offer a 5 year warranty on these. For further information please refer to our warranties section.


Q: What support and training do you offer?

A:  AmCube provide both online and telephone support. In-depth user manuals accompany each plate. We provide 2 hours of online training with all systems, although it is normal to teach our clents how to the operate the basics and then allow them time to explore the product before coming back to finish the training. Our products are incredibly intuitive to use.